PHREAK, by JE Solo

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JE Solo’s long-awaited debut  novel Phreak is available now!

In an alternate, near-future world where corrupt government and corporate interests rule the smallest details of Island life, an unusually sensitive child is born. Navigating a landscape of ecological devastation and botched genetic modification experiments, the child’s survival depends upon their heightened senses and the skills they learn at the knee of their life-hacking father. Will it be enough? As they cross the threshold of adulthood the collapse of Island society draws close and they must act in order to protect what they love. A richly detailed and compelling first novel, Solo deftly layers satire and social commentary to create a powerful story of resilience and survival.

House of Zolo’s Journal of Speculative Literature, Volume 1

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A woman confesses to killing god… Two people stand on the edge of the abyss that is the end of the world… A hidden history of earth is revealed in the interpretation of mysterious found manuscripts… An alien entity takes root in a suburban garden and starts transforming the neighbourhood…

These are just few of the many ideas explored in this exciting new collection from the House of Zolo. Writers and poets from around the world conjure fractured dimensions, cast dark nightmares and offer alternatives to the apocalypse as they navigate to the very edges of time and back. Delving into themes of post-humanity, future-shock, and the consequences of climate change, these short stories and poems fearlessly explore what it means to be human. Alternately dark and hopeful, heartbreaking and humorous, this volume contains stories and poems to spark the imagination and inspire new perspectives on the future.