House of Zolo’s Journal of Speculative Literature, Volume 2

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A young reptilian endures a painful coming of age…
A tailor who refurbishes old clothes struggles to come to terms with the immortality offered by new technologies…
While exploring the dark web, a young woman creates a profile on a lesbian dating site for ghosts…
Aliens abduct a young man and bring him to a mysterious resort many light years from Earth…
A world leader with psychic powers diffuses a deadly international incident…

In this much anticipated second volume of speculative literature, authors examine relationships and how technology impacts our connections to each other, to nature, to space and time. The writing in this volume is often dark and rich in satire, yet there are many whimsical moments and a strong undertone of irreverence. Writers deep-dive into challenging themes to bring us stories and poems that explore gender, immortality, the obsolescence of the human body, biohacking, decay, and the evolution of love in a transhuman world.

House of Zolo’s Journal of Speculative Literature Volume 2 contains twenty-five exceptional stories and poems, curated and edited by Erika Steeves and Nihls Andersen with guest poetry editor Jon Parsons. Featuring: John Andreini, Glen Armstrong, Shaun Avery, Meghan E. Bell, Gustavo Bondoni, Robert Borski, L Chan, William Delman, Alex Robert Franco, Will Isenberg, Daniel Loring Keating, M. Grace Melucci, Laurel Radzieski, dave ring, David F. Shultz, J. M. Sinclair, Sravani singampalli, JE Solo, Lisa Timpf, Dawn Vogel, Tracey Waddleton, Megan Wildhood, Gunnar De Winter, Peri Dwyer Worrell.

EDITORS: Nihls Andersen, Erika Steeves
GENRE: Fiction, Poetry
FORMAT: Paperback and e-book
DIMENSIONS: 6 X 9 inches
PAGES: 228
ISBN: 978-1-989587-09-6 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-989587-10-2 (E-Book)
ISBN: 978-1-989587-11-9 (Kindle E-Book)
RELEASE DATE: 21/10/2020