The House of Zolo’s Journal of Speculative Literature, Volume 3 – The Climate Change Edition – AVAILABLE NOW!

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The last human alive catalogs the world’s species as they go extinct…
A young man prepares to step outside after fifteen years of  quarantine…
Toxic slime covers the earth, giving rise to new forms of life…
A woman finds a rare ticket to see the last tree…
A young girl and an AI form an unlikely friendship…

Stories and poems from around the world, featuring:
Joe Baumann, Terri Watrous Berry, JD BlackroseRobert Borski, Virginia Boudreau, Michelle Cadiz, James Cato, Yuan Changming, Irene CooperDeborah L. Davitt, Steve Denehan, Pasiphaë Dreams, RC deWinter, J. Federle, Lew Forester, Justine Gardner, Joan Gerstein, Benjamin K. HewettWill Isenberg, Anastasia Jill, Taria Karillion, Ava Kelly, Kajetan Kwiatkowski, King LlanzaE. H. Lupton, Christopher R. Muscato, Russell Nichols, David Oje, Jim O’Loughlin, Jeanne Panek, Polly Phokeev, Priya Sridhar, Corinne Stanley, Elizabeth Train-Brown, Raymond van Over, R. Bratten WeissGunnar De Winter.

This volume contains forty-three stories and poems that examine our many potential futures as a species on the verge of catastrophe. Curated and edited by Erika Steeves and Nihls Andersen, The House of Zolo’s Journal of Speculative Literature, Volume 3 offers a wide array of perspectives on the crisis of climate change. From nightmarish dystopias to the evolution of new species, the writers in this volume expose what has been lost, and fearlessly explore where the future may take us.

PUBLISHER: Nihls Andersen
EDITORS: Erika Steeves and Nihls Andersen
PAGES: 355
PRINT BOOK – 978-1-989587-14-0
EPUB – 978-1-989587-13-3
KINDLE – 978-1-989587-12-6