About HOZ

House of Zolo is an independent Canadian publisher founded in 2019.

HOZ publishes literature with a special interest in speculative fiction, short story and poetry. As an independent publisher we enjoy the freedom to publish what we like — character driven stories that push against convention, fresh perspectives that reimagine the world and our place in it, provocative prose that challenges us with innovative ideas — excellent speculative writing by talented authors. 

We are in the throes of editing our inaugural literary journal — The HOZ Journal of Speculative Literature – Volume 1 — and we are about to launch our first novel – Phreak, by J. E. Solo — both releases are coming early in 2020. 

House of Zolo was founded in 2019 to promote writers of speculative literature, to raise the profile of speculative literature worldwide and to offer readers powerful, forward-thinking stories and poetry.