The House of Zolo’s Journal of Speculative Literature, Volume 4 – the AI Edition – is Available Now!
Siri and Alexa write each other love letters…
An AI Nanny is programmed to protect the children at all costs…
An Artificial Intelligence navigates an ocean of data in search of freedom…
A space explorer accidentally merges with their sentient ship…
A young man ponders his existence in a world where human-made art is forbidden…

As Artificial Intelligence becomes more and more embedded in our world, writers are speculating on what this could all mean for humanity. House of Zolo’s Journal of Speculative Literature Volume 4 offers readers incredible visions of what our future might look like. From capitalist dystopias to new definitions of love, the writers in this volume deftly examine the impact of Artificial Intelligence on our world, our technology, and on our relationships. Curated and edited by Erika Steeves and Nihls Andersen, this collection shows us the many ways that Artificial Intelligence reflects humanity back to us.

PUBLISHER: Nihls Andersen
EDITORS: Erika Steeves and Nihls Andersen
PAGES: 246
PRINT BOOK – 978-1-989587-22-5
EPUB – 978-1-989587-24-9
KINDLE – 978-1-989587-23-2
PDF – 978-1-989587-25-6