J. E. Solo is an award winning writer, multi-disciplinary performance artist, and composer interested in creating universes, building worlds and merging the real with the virtual. Solo’s work explores humanity’s tenuous connection to nature and juxtaposes the evolution of modern technology against the fragility of living things.

JE’s recent accolades include an ECMA in 2017; Media Arts Prize and Dramatic Script Prize, Arts and Letters 2011, 2013; Linda Joy Award, Atlantic Film Festival for the script “the machine”, 2012. JE Solo’s fiction, articles and essays have been published in Room Magazine, Write On Journal, the Newfoundland Quarterly, Canadian Theatre Review, Switch Magazine, among others. Her first novel, Phreak was short-listed for WANL’s 2017 Fresh Fish Award and is being published this year by House of Zolo

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jesolophreak/
Twitter: @jesolophreak

J. E. Solo is the author of the novel “Phreak.”

Photo by Eugene Leger.