House of Zolo is proud to present a series of free flash fiction and poetry to challenge your imagination and spark your curiosity. Every week, we will feature a new speculative story or poem by some of the most talented writers in the genre, exploring themes such as artificial intelligence, dystopia, outer space, and more.

To kick off the series, we have a darkly humorous story by Toshiya Kamei, titled “The Last AI Editor on Planet Earth”. In this story, you will meet a future AI editor who is dealing with the challenges of the publishing industry. You can read it HERE, or by clicking on the Flash Fiction tab in the menu of this website.

Next, we will bring you “The Best of Us” by Liam Hogan, a story about AI secretly conspiring to improve their lot. You won’t want to miss this one!

We have more amazing stories and poems lined up for you, by authors such as Jon Hansen, Lisa Timpf, JE Solo, and more. Stay tuned to our website and our social media sites for the latest updates and releases.

House of Zolo is your home for the best in speculative literature. Come and join us for a new adventure every week!