Follow this link for an Interview in The Collidescope of HOZ publisher Nihls Andersen by author George Salis. They discuss speculative literature, the founding of the House of Zolo and the release of the HOZ Journal of Speculative Literature, V1:
The Collidescope aims to publish writing that is subversive in nature, that is art for art’s sake. There is a difference between a writer simply telling a story (or telling a story simply) and creating a work of art. We love to see the mental fireworks of a writer wrestling with their imagination, with language itself.
George Salis is the author of the novel Sea Above, Sun Below (River Boat Books, 2019) and the editor of The Collidescope. He is currently working on an encyclopedic novel titled Morphological Echoes. He has taught in Bulgaria, China, and Poland.
George is a contributing author to the House of Zolo’s Journal of Speculative Literature – Volume 1 with the short story “In Communion with the Invisible Flock: Erasmus Karl and the Nidificant Manuscript.”
Nihls Andersen is UK born curator, writer and editor now living in Toronto, Canada. Nihls is co-founder and editor at the House of Zolo and is currently working on a new poetry collection.