The results are in! The Write Project Podcast‘s 2020 book of the year is PHREAK by JE Solo, with nearly 50% of the final vote! Other books on the user-voted shortlist included DEAD BY MORNING by Kayla Krantz and THE LOTUS FOUNTAIN by Nicole Little, a part of the #Slipstreamers Saga!

Thanks to all of our readers for supporting this powerful dystopian novel.

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What’s in the works…

HOZ is participating in VR Forward, a series of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality based performances, installations, and presentations featuring work by innovative Canadian artists. This is a Black Bag Media Collective project.

VR Forward has been made possible thanks to the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des artes du Canada‘s Digital Now Program.

Here is a picture from our Second Life hub.

We’re building a library in space that will be but one room in a House of Zolo installation housed in Second Life. Outside of the library will be many teleport pads that will lead you to different installations based on short stories we’ve published.

Exploring with different things as we build out the whole library!

We also plan to host more virtual readings in our very own House of Zolo amphitheatre situated on Odyssey.
If you’re interested in being an advanced reader for our upcoming books, reply and let us know!

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– The HOZ Team