Sravani singampalli is a writer, poet, and artist from India. Her works are published and or forthcoming in Kaleidoscope, Parks and Points, Deaf Poets Society, Formercactus, Purple Fire Publications, Alban Lake, Nomadic Delirium Press, Treehouse Arts, Blind Faith Magazine, and many more. She is presently pursuing a doctoral degree in pharmacy at JNTU Kakinada University in Andhra Pradesh, India. Apart from writing, she likes drawing and painting in her spare time. She is very fond of House Sparrows.

Was there a moment when you realized “I’m a poet”?

I’m not sure about this. Ever since I started writing, I just knew that I wouldn’t stop. Initially, I really didn’t care about what other people had to say about my work. But eventually, as I started submitting to a lot of magazines and journals, I gained confidence in my work and felt that I was a successful poet when I got my poems accepted by a lot of paying journals and magazines. I just couldn’t take rejections in the very beginning, six years ago, when I had just started my writing journey.

What inspired your poem “Sky”?

The poem “Sky” is very close to my heart. It’s inspired by my ambitious nature and passion for doing great things in life. I always aim for the best in life, but I specifically focus on transforming people’s lives to feel the way I want to feel.

Do you have favourite subjects when writing poetry?

Yes! I specifically focus on the subjects that have the potential to transform people’s lives, make others feel positive, and give people the confidence to achieve whatever they want to.

Has your writing practice or subject matter changed during the pandemic?

No, It hasn’t. My writing style is still the same. All my poems usually have a very strong and powerful ending, and that’s how I write, revealing everything in the end. Many people appreciate my style of writing and recognize me by the style I practice. So, I never thought of changing it. The pandemic did affect my health, but not my writing style! Coming to the subjects, I never liked to write anything about my life during the pandemic, because to be honest, I didn’t enjoy it and wrote very little during this period. I’m a fun-loving person and like travelling to different places and exploring new things. But this pandemic didn’t allow me to enjoy my life the way I wanted.

What projects are you working on these days? Feel free to share any links, etc.

I’m presently working on getting my poetry chapbook and full-length poetry book published.